Everyday we are faced with changes.  Some will affect an everyday aspect of our life or cause a life altering event.  In most cases, we have made a change on our own or created change, […]

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Feeding the Soul

I love to camp, doesn’t matter if it’s in a tent or our camper. Just being in the outdoors fills my soul. We spend a lot of time camping and for many of oru trips […]

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day When you hear the words “Memorial Day”, what does it say to you? Do you think of all the retail sales happening? “It’s a great weekend to buy a new car – pricing […]

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Me ‘n Stella

I have wanted a little Jeep Wrangler for like, well, forever.  Nothing fancy or high tech, just plain and simple. A friend that would go with me wherever I go, not ask questions and enjoy […]

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